torstai 6. helmikuuta 2014

Company command squad part II

Working continues with command squad. The hairy guy is veteran captain or something. And the one with map is liutenant or so. Wanted to give the whole command squad sort of dioramic look that it consists of
leaders of the army discussing about tactics in the back line of battlefield. They are statwise just regular veterans except the colonel is platoon commander of course.. Or they can be used as regimental advisors if needed. Going to add a guy with flakvest to represent the leader of the shocktrooper squads. Going to do some special weapon guys and optional extras later.

Also started working on my first sniper. Started by making a marksman variant of one of veterans weapons with longer barrel and bigger caliper. Also going to add a bipod later. I probably try to make some sort of ghillie suit for the sniper. Lets see how it goes. :D
Also made some modifications to one autogun variant I made some time ago. Now I like the looks of it.

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