lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2015

Tau color theme test

As I am also planning on building a tau and allied xeno army.. So I have had this objective marker laying around for ages and I haven't painted it becouse I haven't got my tau colour scheme decided. But now on weekend I finally came up with satisfying alternative and did my first test. What do you think? I wanted it to go well with the deserted rural look and to fit well to urban areas as well.. Thus the bluish grey colour. Also makes it pop and maybe give more advanced look. Any thoughts or ideas? Should I go with this? Also I haven't decided the sept colour yet.. Think about green maybe..

So this is just objective marker representing shot down intel drone that has been scouting the Darkon territories. Even if it is damaged, it must be obtained as fast as possible as it may still contain very a lot of classified information that must not get to hands of enemy.

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