torstai 17. helmikuuta 2011

Soldiers of Darkon 3rd

Command squad with three meltaguns.

10 mechanized infantrymen of Darkon 3rd regiment. Armed with autoguns, grenade launcher and missile launcher. I am currently working on another unit of these guys. This one is definetly my favourite unit so far.

I didn't like the original missile launcher as it looked something more like from world war II so I decided to use space marine hunter killer missile instead and I think it does its job pretty well.

10 veterans armed with autoguns and three meltaguns.

10 veterans armed with autoguns and three plasmaguns.

This was a quick peek for these models and this is pretty much all I've done so far apart from tanks which I shall post later! More and also some brand new stuff coming later. If you have any questions or you want better pictures or wip shots feel free to ask. :)

Thanks for watching!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Love the G3-lookalike conversions. The Groin protectors of the body armours are also neat and clever. Changes the look of those models totally.

    I think The Belgian Camouflage fits very well on the minis. I'm also a huge fan of using real world camo patterns on minis. Are you going to paint the whole army with that camo or will there be any variations? I'm think like Multicam-painted veterans or karskin :D

  2. Thank you Kardinaali.

    I haven't decided yet if there will be any variations. I might use some other pattern in some elite unit but at least most of the army will be painted with this pattern.

    Multicam is very cool but it is pretty hard to paint I think.. But we'll see. I won't promise anything. :)