keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Another missile team

Working on my second shock trooper squad and here is the missile team I am building! Needs still a lot of adjusting, work and details as you can see. But this is what it looks like at the moment.. I am going to make a small crater on the base and place the ruin around it and the missile launcher controller will be placed in crater. But here is some pics.

perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Little something about Darkon

Darkon system consists of total of 6 planets and it is located in Ultima Segmentum area. Darkon system is under unstable condition becouse of the ongoing war against T'au that has lasted decades. Infrastructure of most of the planets have suffered severe damage and constant fear and panic among civilian population is making it even harder to fight back the enemy.

Planets of the Darkon system:

Militarized fortress world which is being used as military training ground becouse of hostile environment. Darkon is in constant alert and it is greatest bastion in system against enemy threats. Darkon used to be biggest industrial planet of the system but since war started, the Darkon was the target of the most attacks and so the product lines had to be shut down.

Industrial and agriculture world

Fortress world

Mining and industrial world

Oser Magnum
Mining and industrial world

Oser Strantum
Biggest producer of weaponry and wartech.

Once Darkon was prosperous mining and industrial system but now it is mostly just ruined industrial wasteland, only a caricature of a past. Through ages the Darkon system has been tried to capture numerous times but still any of the systems planets has never been officially captured and therefore the system is now often called "Darkon invictus". Becouse the strategically important location and enormous amount on resources of Darkon system Imperium has no other options but to keep defending the system to the last man no matter what is against them.

The future of the Darkon system is unpredictable. During latest conflict T'au suffered lots of casualties and lost loads of military equipment. This one victory was very significant for Darkon as it forced xenos to retreat at least temporarily. Now it is time to start building the Darkon community back to its past glory. And more importantly it is time to fortify, regroup and prepare the troops for even bigger battle. Becouse nobody knows what future holds but there will be one thing for sure, War.

torstai 17. helmikuuta 2011

Soldiers of Darkon 3rd

Command squad with three meltaguns.

10 mechanized infantrymen of Darkon 3rd regiment. Armed with autoguns, grenade launcher and missile launcher. I am currently working on another unit of these guys. This one is definetly my favourite unit so far.

I didn't like the original missile launcher as it looked something more like from world war II so I decided to use space marine hunter killer missile instead and I think it does its job pretty well.

10 veterans armed with autoguns and three meltaguns.

10 veterans armed with autoguns and three plasmaguns.

This was a quick peek for these models and this is pretty much all I've done so far apart from tanks which I shall post later! More and also some brand new stuff coming later. If you have any questions or you want better pictures or wip shots feel free to ask. :)

Thanks for watching!

keskiviikko 16. helmikuuta 2011

Beginning of the end

Hello everyone!

And here we are. At the start of my new blog. At the moment I am working on my Imperial Guard project so this blog will be mostly devoted for it. I have been building this army about a year now and I am far from complete. This blog and project is about me attempting to make new style and cool looking IG army and me trying to get along with my perfectionist nature and the "mild" frustration caused by it.

My miniatures will be mostly based on normal plastic figures from Imperial Guard range of Games Workshop. My goal is to achieve modern and professional looking army with lots of character. I got the whole idea from amazing Belgian camo trousers. Camo pattern was so crazy and awesome so I just had to use it in my project.

Lets see where we get.. Pics and more about this project will follow soon!

I hope you enjoy your stay and please post and share your thoughts if you like. :)