keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

Still doing it old school! Started another tank

Started painting another tank. WITH A BRUSH.. Felt bit like a last mohican because so many people have all those fancy airbrushes nowadays. Been thinking about buying myself a one but I have no idea what model and compressor should I buy. Any suggestions? I've heard badgers are quite ok?

But anyways, made the pattern with a pencil and started brushing. Still need to do some more weathering, high lights and details.

Also added some hay to sniper teams base.. Still have to make few details maybe, add sand and then I can start painting these guys.

keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2014

Company command squad part V

If you count the sniper in, then its done! But probably I will still do few special weapons to be used in this squad if needed. Had fun painting the commander and it turned out pretty ok. Not sure about the dark trench coat though but on the other hand couldn't really come up with any other better colors. Wanted to make coat look old and worn.

Company commander Maj Keller

tiistai 5. elokuuta 2014

Company command squad part IV

So almost there.. 3/5 done. Have had some problems with my vallejo paints but managed to get them somehow work. Propably going to need to buy a new set of paints.. Some of the bottles seem to have pretty major issues. :D

Company Executive Officer Cpt. Coleman.

Lt. Lester. Responsible for communications and gathering reconnaissance information.

 Lt. "The Beard" Haddock. One of the most respected officers and for reason. Has gone trough numerous battles and knows enemy tactics and behavior better than anyone.