lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2015

Tau color theme test

As I am also planning on building a tau and allied xeno army.. So I have had this objective marker laying around for ages and I haven't painted it becouse I haven't got my tau colour scheme decided. But now on weekend I finally came up with satisfying alternative and did my first test. What do you think? I wanted it to go well with the deserted rural look and to fit well to urban areas as well.. Thus the bluish grey colour. Also makes it pop and maybe give more advanced look. Any thoughts or ideas? Should I go with this? Also I haven't decided the sept colour yet.. Think about green maybe..

So this is just objective marker representing shot down intel drone that has been scouting the Darkon territories. Even if it is damaged, it must be obtained as fast as possible as it may still contain very a lot of classified information that must not get to hands of enemy.

sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2015

The Big Gun

Got my sniper team finally painted. Spent way too many hours modeling this but I don't regret it. In my opinion maybe one of the best models I've made so far.. Also really enjoyed doing this one the whole time.

Now thinking what I should start working on next. So much to do and so many ideas on my mind.

Stay tuned!

sunnuntai 1. marraskuuta 2015

The Wolf

A member of a respected Crimson mercenary group. True powerhouse and fist fighter.

keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

Darkon mercenaries

I just had to start making mercenary group! They make their living by doing bounty work, scavenging wasteland, protecting mines, traders etc, hunting drones and doing contracts for Imperial military. They can spend weeks on the wasteland and have very good survival skills.

So here are first two members. Still need bit sanding, gs work and maybe adding some bitz. Cant wait to paint these buggers..


Used to be a sergenant in Darkon Imperial military, but had enough of it and started his own mercenary group. Very experienced and phenomenal shooter.

"The Wolf"

Worked his lifetime in mine in his hometown, but after the mine was closed he lost his job and became an alcoholic. In one drunken night he got into a bar fight with a arrogant bastard called "Crimson" and beat the crap out of him. Crimson was so impressed he decided to hire the guy to his recently established mercenary group. They became good friends and been doing mercenary work together since then. Equipped with old and worn AG3 mk.I surplus rifle.

maanantai 9. maaliskuuta 2015

Moar snaiparrr

One more sniper done. Still needs some varnish and little unsure what I should do with the hair and face. Been thinking painting some camo face paints, but it is so easy to ruin the whole face so I am still figuring out what would be the best way and what colors to use.

Few WIP pictures.

maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2015

Recent tinkering

Got my first objective marker finally done. Really happy how it looks.. The matt varnish gave it sort of crappy finish but luckily didnt ruin it completely. Gotta get my self new bottle of varnish.. Really enjoyed painting it.

"No one is left behind"

 Also started working on some other models. Got this idea while browsing through my bits and trying some poses. Thought making a soldier on guard dury or something might look cool. I might use it in some diorama maybe.

Final warning

 Also made one Darkon wasteland thug.

There are numerous gangs in Darkon system. The vast wastelands are swarming with thugs, criminals and animals who will do anything to get their daily dose. Many of them are former soldiers who were expelled from the army or criminals exiled from community. Some are just regular people who have had hard lives and lost the meaning.

Some thugs seek refuge among the original habitants of Darkon, "The beastkin". Beastkin often live in the darkest corners of the world, where no sane man wants to go. Those areas may be highly radioactive or there may be biochemical threats that only beastkin can survive. Some have settled in old abandoned mines. The gangs and beastkin may form groups large enough to go full war against the imperial army to fight for better living territories.

Another objective marker.
Shot down enemy intel drone. Worth obtaining and investigating

Tau sends a lot of drones to scout the planets of Darkon to reveal any strategic locations or obtain valuable information. One single drone can carry enough information to solve a whole battle or even a whole war. That information must not get to hands of enemy and that is why every drone must be hunt down and destroyed.

In some places even the citizens are encouraged to hunt down TAU drones by awarding a high bounty on every destroyed drone brought to army outpost. Campaign has been very succesful and even lead to birth of groups of "drone hunters" who live by just hunting down drones.

New wip storm trooper.

Chimera almost done. Still needs dust, varnish and some unit markings, but consider it done.