tiistai 5. elokuuta 2014

Company command squad part IV

So almost there.. 3/5 done. Have had some problems with my vallejo paints but managed to get them somehow work. Propably going to need to buy a new set of paints.. Some of the bottles seem to have pretty major issues. :D

Company Executive Officer Cpt. Coleman.

Lt. Lester. Responsible for communications and gathering reconnaissance information.

 Lt. "The Beard" Haddock. One of the most respected officers and for reason. Has gone trough numerous battles and knows enemy tactics and behavior better than anyone.

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  1. Vallejo paint problem = gloss effect??

    Cosy looking camo on these fellow veterans. Personal looking team, cpt Coleman looks like he is on his first mission, standing while others are crouching and his expression is like "wtf!".

  2. Yeah little gloss and also the pigment seems to be somehow separating from the rest of the stuff. On top there is just very running liquid that won't cover up very well. All the pigment is on bottom and wont mix too easily with the other stuff.. Any nice tips for fixing this?

    Yeah. Coleman is slightly mad. The years of war have taken its toll. :D

    Wanted to give the squad sort of dioramic feel that they are having tactical meeting or something. Also going to make an objective marker with map table, radio system etc.

  3. 1. Roll the bottle upside down between your hands (and squeeze a bit).
    2. Knock the bottle (upside down) to table couple of times.
    3. Let it settle a while
    4. Repeat if necessary (if it is "new" bottle or there have been a long pause - it is necessary)

    I also use a deionize water instead of tap water to dilute paints during painting and store my bottles upside down.

    Some people put a small rust free metal inside the bottle and shake. (like a spray can) I haven't tested this because those 4 steps helps me.

  4. Ok thanks for the tips! Haven't tried knocking yet so maybe that will do it! And storing paints upside down is good tip too. Used it for old gw paints, but somehow thought maybe vallejo paints don't need it, but maybe I should keep doing it as well.