maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

First instant mold experiment

Tried duplicating some guns using greenstuff and instant mold. This was actually first time I used instant mold and I am not sure what the results will be becouse they are still setting but I will post some pictures when they are ready. But here is some pics what I did..

So what I used.
-package of instant mold
-one converted autogun
-sharp hobby knife
-a water cup
-boiling water
(-glue gun sticks)

So I also wanted to try using glue gun sticks but they are really not made for this. :D At least not the ones I was using. Those melted way too fast and they just made a heck of a mess.

Original gun

First boiled the water and threw some instant mold to cup

After the instant mold had softened I took it of from the cup and pressed the gun to it. I should also cut my fingernails, lol.

So now the gun is placed inside the mold. Now waited the mold to stiffen.

Then I cut the mold open with a hobby knife in half way and took the gun of.

This how ready mold looks like.

Then I put a piece of greenstuff on it

Then I added the top of the mold and started applying pressure using my fingers

Then we are done. This is how the mold looks like in the end.

Made other two copies too.

You can really see that mold picks out all the details quite nicely from the model.

Dog approves!

This is what the molds look like now. We'll have to wait few hours them to dry but I will post the results when they are ready.

Really nice stuff to use. Took me about a half hour to make all these three copies which is way much faster than if I would have made these guns from scratch. And I guess you it is possible to do this a lot faster when you get used to using this stuff. But I guess I'll be using this in future too, depends what the results will be. This bit definetly wasn't the easiest one to do but I hope these will work out.

And mean while we are waiting the results... I also made the base for the third team! As the bases are pretty much done I can move to detailing the crew.

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